Nowanup Open Day 2023

SAT 30 SEP 2023
10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

at Nowanup Noongar Boodja

Breathing Life Into Boodja Experience

~ Ticket price ~

$15 day pass 10am – 4pm


Healing Country and Healing People is what Uncle Eugene Eades and his team are passionate about. Nowanup Noongar Boodja tells a story of ecological restoration and cultural restoration. Spending time surrounded in country that has been brought back to life through the foresight and care of custodians; nurtures and nourishes the koort (heart), kaat (head) and wiirn (spirit).

Arriving on country to a chorus of birdsong, sharing the walking trails with wietj (emu) and yonga (kangaroo); wildlife has returned to sing and thrive within the restored bushland. Healing huts or Mia Mias, hold safe places for sharing and reconnecting. Walk with Goreng Noongar Elder Eugene Eades, traditional custodian with strong family connections to this land, ancient customs and traditions.

Spending time at Nowanup has been described as ‘knowing you’re part of something bigger” a part of sacred country that was once tangled up, drought stricken and in a mess, is now healthy and thriving, growing stronger everyday.

 As Uncle Eugene reminds us, “If we heal the country, the country will heal us”.

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Nowanup is located between the Stirling Range and Fitzgerald River National Park about an hour and a half east of Albany and 450kms from Perth.
Traveling to Nowanup is part of the experience and it is valuable to notice the changes that you see and feel as you travel through different Noongar regions into Goreng Noongar Boodja.

The Region

Nowanup is situated in Goreng Noongar Boodja. Only 48kms from the small town Ongerup, the name which is derived from the Noongar word ‘Yonga’ for Kangaroo and ‘Up’ which means Place of the Kangaroo.

The region is also known for the Mallefowl or Noongar word ‘Gnow’ and is where Nowanup gets its name from meaning the Place of the Mallefowl.

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