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The Friends of Nowanup is a co-led, soon-to-be incorporated organisation with an informal management structure. Supporters of Nowanup first started to be recognised as the Friends of Nowanup in 2018. However, the support from friends has been a part of Nowanup for a long time. Both Rod Safstrom with the Darlington Men’s Group and Bruce Anthony have played a significant role in supporting Nowanup and The Eades family over the years. Additionally, there have been many more who have come together to support and facilitate camps and programs before the establishment of the Friends of Nowanup. The vision of the Friends of is to continue to work and walk alongside Eugene and his family and to grow a strong network of allies. Relationship and process is at the heart of this vision, often working in circles with space for all to be heard.
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All of the camps and events have been co-created with Eugene through conversations. What tasks need doing? What activities will be run etc? The Friends of have worked from those conversations; sometimes Eugene’s ideas, sometimes others and mostly through conversations combining enriching the final plans. On site plans often shape shift as they are guided by the weather, attendees and Spirits of the land.

In 2020 the Friends of Nowanup successfully applied to the Wyemando Charitable Trust for $6,000 funding for a Noongar language program with Aunty Iris Woods and ran successful seasonal camps during 2021 and into 2022.

A wonderful part of the story has been the increasing involvement of the Noongar community in these volunteer led camps and the transition from working bees alone to strong family and community based cultural camps.

Friends of Nowanup contributions have included

All this infrastructure was self-funded with no reliance on grants and a total value of over $200,000 in labour and donated funds and materials. There have been some significant donors who have been so important to the contributions. In addition, friends of have built ablution facilities for the Noongar shearing school near Kendenup, using the same model.
  • Rebuilding the Meeting Place
  • Cottage makeover and later a kitchen
  • Assembly of the Ecotent
  • Rewiring, lighting and power points for the shed and safety certificate
  • Steps for the cottage to meet safety standards
  • Construction of four Mia Mias with support from other groups and the Nowanup Rangers
  • Steps up the escarpment
  • Contributions to the walking tracks, signage and maps
  • Provision of two shelter tents with storage facilities
  • Verandah roof for the shed
  • A volunteer developed website
  • Donations of tools and materials
  • Maintenance of facilities, tools and equipment, and
  • Provision of firewood.

As expressed by Friends of Nowanup convenor Rod Safstrom

“The rewards from this work far outweigh what may seem to be a lot of effort.”

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