Nowanup Boodja

Healing Country – Healing People

Spirit of the Land

Under the stewardship of Eugene Eades, Nowanup has received over 16,000 visitors – through camps, cultural programs, many youth at risk programs, and eco-art programs. Visitors come from neighboring areas as well as from all over the world and all leave feeling enriched and somewhat humbled.

Cultural Connection Camps

Surrounded by red ochre in ancient breakaway country, Nowanup is a place of healing. A place for ecological and cultural restoration where people from diverse backgrounds are welcomed to come together in country.

To be immersed within ancient cultural traditions and connect to boodja (country). We offer a range of Cultural Connections camps and can work with the interests of groups. We welcome you to visit Nowanup and participate in this story of healing.

Photo Credit: Michelle Johnston
People standing out in the grasslands

Eco-cultural Restoration

Once part of a larger sheep farm, Nowanup was purchased in 2004 by the National Trust of WA for the purpose of protecting its 400 ha of bush and restoring the 350 ha of cleared land as part of the Gondwana Link program.

Revegetation work on Nowanup’s cleared farmland quickly got underway with the removal of nine kilometers of internal farm fencing. By winter 2004 trials of brush mulching and direct seeding had begun, and by 2015 virtually all the cleared land was under some form of revegetation.

The Nowanup Caretakers

Have been healing landscapes and communities since 2015.

The program is based on-Country at Nowanup, this means there is plenty of opportunity for the intergenerational transfer of knowledge, and landcare to be implemented in culturally meaningful ways providing a sense of purpose and worth for Noongar people.

Photo Credit: Jim Underwood

Nowanup Boodja

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Friends of Nowanup

The support from friends has been a part of Nowanup for a long time. Both Rod Safstrom with the Darlington Men’s Group and Bruce Anthony have played a significant role in supporting Nowanup and The Eades family over the years.

Additionally, there have been many more who have come together to support and facilitate camps and programs before the establishment of the Friends of Nowanup.

Supported By

Since 2006, Gondwana Link Ltd and Greening Australia have provided enormous support to Eugene, the Eades family and Noongar colleagues for the creation and operation of Nowanup. The Friends of Nowanup and other individuals have also played a pivotal and extensive support role over many years.
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friends of nowanup

This website and the current transition to Noongar ownership has been supported by funding from the Western Australian Government’s State NRM Program and Lotterywest

Other key groups that have also played a role in supporting and projects at Nowanup over the years: